Flathead Lake Fishing

Although Flathead Lake is typically known for its size and beauty, it also offers some excellent fishing opportunities.

While there are some cutthroats available, the lake is primarily a mackinaw or lake trout fishery.  These fish are great quarry.  They are big, strong, nice to look at, and delicious.

Flathead Lake is not a fly fisherman’s paradise, but just a few miles in any direction and you’ll be in trout territory again.  The lake itself is best targeted with spinning gear and a motorized boat is a big help when trying to find some macks.  Flathead is very, very deep — hundreds of feet in places.  That’s why jigging is the preferred method.

Flathead Lake Fishing Boat

A few Flathead Lake fishing regulations:

Cutthroat trout — catch and release

Lake whitefish — 100 daily and in possession

Lake trout — 100 daily and in possession.

Size — there is a slot limit enforced whereas only one fish over 36 inches, and all fish between 30 and 36 inches must not be retained.

Permits — a Salish Kootenai Tribal permit is required to fish on the southern half of the lake.